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Bespoke Garden Rooms Essex

Looking to add some extra living space to your property? Bespoke garden rooms are a great option to consider. These custom-designed buildings allow you to tailor a structure specifically to your needs, whether you want a home officeart studioman cave, or simple storage shed. 

We understand there are a lot of companies big and small out there to choose from. 

Elegant natural timber options available and a wide range of zero maintenance composite cladding. Whatever your choice, we have you covered!


We specialise in creating garden rooms that complement your home beautifully. By looking closely at your home’s style and listening to what you want, we will deliver a garden room that feels like an integral part of your property. Whether your taste is modern or more traditional, we can create a space that fits seamlessly into your garden offering both functionality and style.

The bespoke process starts with a consultation where we discuss the intended use, preferred layout, must-have features, design aesthetic, and budget. Your garden room is then crafted using high-quality weather-resistant materials like insulated timber and composite cladding. It can be fully wired with electricity, heating, and plumbing as desired. 


Garden Office

Designed for Flexibility,
Built for Living

Our bespoke garden rooms will create a functional, aesthetically pleasing additional space that seamlessly blends into your garden landscape, without the constraints of prefab designs. With creative customisation options, your bespoke garden room or office can provide the perfect purpose-built retreat just steps from your home.

From the initial consultation to the final touches, we’ll ensure that every aspect of your garden room meets and exceeds your expectations.

With Essex Garden Studios, you can expect a truly personalised experience, where your unique requirements and preferences shape the design.

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