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We understand there are a lot of companies big and small out there to choose from. So here are a few reasons why we believe we are the better choice.

We are a small company so you will get a very personal approach with us. We are very passionate about what we do. The same person who will visit and price your project will be the same person who designs and builds it. Meaning there is very little room for miscommunication and we are focused on your build from start to finish.

Are we the cheapest in the market?

The answer is no but we are not the most expensive either.

In fact we are quite competitive in comparison to a lot of other companies once you have added on all the extras to their price, that we offer as standard. Also our standard structure designs are above most.

There are plenty of companies out there that will be cheaper. As they will be using cheaper materials, less insulation and a design that is built for speed of installation rather than quality. This could leave you with more of a glorified shed that feels a lot like a caravan or portacabin that has been very well disguised on the outside simply with a beautiful cladding such as cedar. And the building may not even be suitable for year round use due to insufficient insulation.

  With Essex garden studios we would be building you a small house rather than just a very nice looking shed. Taking care in the details and designs to ensure you are getting a top of the range product that not only looks stunning on the outside but is built like a house, feels like a house and will last as long as one too.

There are some options to bring costs down such as a cheaper cladding or less insulation or even a recycled plastic sheet material instead of cladding on sides that aren’t seen. That is the beauty of our buildings being bespoke and priced individually. It means we can work with your budget as best we can.

Please bear in mind that the bronze package is our most affordable package already suited to a lower budget. Extras such as canopies and decks can be removed from our pre designed models if necessary.

We believe in the motto, you get what you pay for. With that in mind we strive to provide you with a quality, well designed, well built product, that will last over 30 years.

What you will get from us

  • A personal approach
  • A 10 year structural guarantee
  • A friendly aftercare service
  • A building that is actually fit for year round use
  • Quality that is second to none
  • A small house not a “posh shed”
  • 3D CAD designs (case by case basis)
  • A landscaped finish if necessary

We will not be beaten on structural integrity and substance.

We use the same methods used in building houses rather than just insulated sheds.

Our Work

All of our builds come complete with a professional fully plastered finish, so the interior feels no different to that of a brand new house.

Our foundations are always seated on either a pad or pile using a bracket to anchor, or a concrete lintel system which is seated on pads. (Types vary on site conditions.) What this means is the weight load of the building is being absorbed and spread on a flat surface and transferred to the foundations and ground, rather than using posts or brackets in a concrete pile and then fixing the timbers onto the side. This is how some companies will install your build, as it is a quick and easy method. What this is effectively doing is relying on a few screws or bolts to support the weight of the entire building. Some don’t offer a base at all.

We also will not use a screw pile method although we would love to as the concept is very appealing. It is a very quick and no mess approach, but we believe it is a high risk to be blind digging in areas you cannot be sure are free of services.

Imagine if a screw pile goes through an unknown untraceable sewage pipe. In which case you may not realise it has been damaged until the building is completed. This would therefore be catastrophic. As to fix the pipe could mean removing the building itself to uncover the damaged pipe, which is obviously the last thing a customer wants to be doing whether the cost is covered by the company who installed it or not.

This is why where possible we like to stick to mechanical excavation. And there are several reasons for this.

  • We are not blind digging
  • We can regulate large areas if necessary to blend in with your garden room
  • Best of all, it allows us to reduce the ground in which the building sits so we can achieve maximum head height when governed by 2.5m.

When it is not possible to use an excavator we simply use a pile and bracket system that effectively transfers the weight load to the ground. The garden room floor makeup will then sit above the original ground level.

We understand a garden room is a big purchase and needs a lot of attention before you part with your well earned funds.

buying a garden room can almost be compared to buying a new car. In this day and age it’s hard to find a good car brand new for less than £10,000. For this price range you are getting a mass produced product that you would more than likely expect to sell or exchange in 5-10 years as the mileage increases and reliability reduces. On the other hand a car that will cost you from £30,000 like the German counterparts that are more attentively designed and known for high mileage and longevity can last twice as long if not longer.

In that respect our buildings compare to this range.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying a cheaper car and exchanging it in a few years. However a garden room is for life and cannot easily be replaced. So it then makes more sense to spend that extra and know you are getting something that will more than likely outlive you.

Not to mention a car will only ever lose you money whereas a garden room (according to tv personality and expert in home improvements sarah beeny.) A garden room can actually add 5% to the value of your home.

The last thing you or we want is for you to pay all that money and end up with an inferior product that may look good on the outside but won’t necessarily last as long as you had hoped.

We also offer a basic 3D CAD design on a case by case basis to help our customers get an idea of what they are getting before we start.

Another reason to choose us would be if you are looking to upgrade your garden at the same time, we can also help with that too.

While we are focused on contemporary outbuildings, we also specialise in contemporary gardens as well including…

  • cedar fences
  • resin bound paving
  • granite porcelain or sandstone paving
  • raised beds
  • decking
  • and much more