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All of these incredible garden room designs will allow you to enjoy a natural extension of your home, without the hassle and costs of actually extending it. We’ve all been spending more time at home lately, and with that comes the need for more space for a more comfortable and idealistic home setup. 


Most of these garden room designs are built from timber and consist of a wooden frame and can be constructed in virtually any shape or size, this will allow you to build the perfect outdoor living area, when you need that extra space. Whether you want double doors, in addition to double windows; you’re interested in large garden rooms or smaller garden studios. 


You can have virtually any feature that you can imagine built into your garden room. The sky’s the limit when you collaborate with Essex garden studios to build your dream garden room! Hopefully this advice will greatly aid you when deciding which type of design to select when buying a garden room.


Modern and Vintage-Style Garden Rooms

Modern or vintage-style garden rooms will not only greatly enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space, but will provide nigh on infinite benefits. Here at Essex Garden Studios, we have so many options that you can select from to create a nice spot of separation, peace and quiet, in addition to unrivaled privacy. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a luxury paradise right there in the garden, or a shepherd’s hut style build that becomes your full-time office, we’ve got you covered. 


Modular Garden Rooms 

Modular rooms come in a great variety of different shapes and sizes, designs, and builds, so you’re sure to find a modular garden room that suits your needs and budget.

You can maximize your outdoor space by selecting a modular (or indeed non-modular!) small garden studio to fit into a corner. Choose an interior design that is minimal and modern like ‘The Hub’ corner studio, to maximise your outdoor space. 

With modular garden rooms, you can adapt and re-arrange your Garden Studio build to ensure that you come away with a bespoke and maximally individual Garden Room build!

Many modular setups allow you to make as many changes that you require, simply by adding or removing the many different modules available on the market. This means that you can literally build and change your dream setup in any which way that you can imagine, over time.


Garden Room Pods

Even though an untinted pod is probably the runner up in the competition between the coolest modern pod-based garden studio designs, tinting it makes a bold modern, even somewhat futuristic design statement. Contemporary garden room pod designs will add a modernistic vibe to every garden space from the outside, while inside you’ll enjoy fully panoramic views as you relax or entertain. .

A premium ‘Summer House Sphere’ is made from fully waterproof, treated and laminated wood with tinted windows to aid with light control, a steel roof that reflects heat to keep the interior cool, and a sliding door which insures that the pod build is fully protected from the elements. 


Plain Hut Garden Rooms

If you’re a but more conservative in your design taste, ‘Plain Huts’ are more stripped back garden rooms that are comfortable and weather resistant with foil-backed, protective insulation. The Plain Hut’s are well constructed and feel incredibly cosy when you’re inside one. The hut’s can be easily adapted to run off solar power, or can be run from the mains or a generator if you’d prefer.


Glass Garden Rooms

Glass based garden rooms can be used as workspaces as they allow an abundance of natural light into the build, so you can easily work on whichever project you’re tackling at present, whilst being able to clearly see what you’re doing. Glass rooms can be used as fun and modern workspaces, or you can utilised them in any which way you see fit. 

Glass garden rooms are fun and modern structures which will definitely amaze and astound your friends or any neighbours who happen to look into, or pass through your garden. If you choose to opt for a floor to ceiling glass build, then you can take in all of the beautiful views that your garden has to offer. All of this, while working, entertaining or relaxing in a stunning and modern Garden Studio build!


Sustainable Garden Rooms

Choosing a garden studio that is made from sustainable materials, like timber, is the perfect way to ensure that the colors of your garden room are in tune with your leafy surroundings, keeping your environmental footprint as minimal as possible in the process.

As a mini extension of your home, smaller sustainable garden rooms are ideal for your children to play to their hearts content in. This being said, if you want to set up your garden office or home office extension in a guilt free way, then why not choose a sustainable garden room to facilitate your workspace in.


Essex Garden Studios

Hopefully this article has instilled into your mind, just how varied and optimally incorporated into your lifestyle, garden rooms can be. Our garden rooms aren’t just your typical garden buildings, they’re amazing spaces to install just about anything that you can imagine, whether it’s an art studio, yoga studio or home gym. 

Our high quality garden rooms can stop too much natural light seeping in, as you can select from large windows, all the way down to the smallest of double glazed windows in your garden room, and can be thought of as a separate garden house, in effect. You can also select virtually any combination of doors and windows that your heart desires.

Feel free to contact us on our email address to get some further advice or a quote from our experts. Our installation team is always available, to help you garner some further design ideas, if you’re still not quite sure which type of garden studio you’d like to have built in your garden.