Bespoke Man Cave’s From Essex Garden Studios


The perfect practical additional space for your property in Essex or Suffolk without the mess of an extension – We give to you the Essex Man Cave! It really is every man’s dream to have an Essex Man Cave. And if they were honest, It is probably every partner’s dearest wish too – Out of sight and out of mind, but still on the premises!

No Essex or Suffolk home is really ever truly complete without one. The Essex Man Cave! And it is  hand over fist better than converting the Garage – Besides, where would the kids bikes go, and where would you store the garden cushions in the winter? All that storage you’d lose! Exactly – As if you (or your partner) really needed convincing about this sound investment anyway.

Our work on complex Man Cave’s

We will provide you with the perfect man space, cunningly in-keeping with the property or garden aesthetics from outside whilst offering you the ideal space for your chosen pastime or hobby – A real home from home. Your very own Essex Man Cave.

‘It’s the perfect alone time solution’

Whether you are restoring a motorbike, have a discrete miniature railway obsession, want to bang your drums in peace, or simply want time away from the busy residence, if you have the space, you should have the cave! The Perfect Essex Man Cave, and we can give it to you.


Never Beaten On Structural Integrity And Substance

Here at the Essex Garden Studio, we can design and build you the perfect masculine getaway, without you ever having to leave the premises, except for those all-important supplies. Obviously, we say cave, but we mean so much more than that.

It’s all in the details when designing Man Caves!

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The Ideal Sanctuary – No matter your garden build requirements, our designers will be able to deliver you all you have ever dreamed of for your Essex Man Cave. From the perfect interior finish, as much power as you may require, to a bar area, and of course, the flooring of your choice as well as windows where you want them. What is not to love?

Want to know more? Then why not book your home visit with one of our design team? Let’s discuss your desires and make them a reality sooner than you ever thought possible.

Built for you, built to last – Your Essex Man Cave.

Go on, treat yourself!