If the building you wish us to install can meet these guidelines, the build can take place as soon as both parties agree a start date. If however your needs do not meet these guidelines and you still wish to proceed, we can still help with that too, although any costs for planning applications and or building regulations applications and fees are the clients responsibility.

This route can also take a little longer for things to get moving. This is why we recommend sticking to the guidelines above.

To avoid the need for planning and building regulations the building needs to adhere to the following…….

  • Maximum of 15sqm internal if less than 1m away from any boundary.
  • Maximum 30sqm internal no matter where in your garden it is placed.
  • Have a maximum height of 2.5 for a flat roof if placed within 2m of any boundary.
  • Have a maximum height of 3m and a maximum eaves height of 2.5m if the building can be placed 2m or more from any boundary.
  • Does not take up more than 50% of you’re garden including any other buildings.
  • Does not have any sleeping accommodations.
  • Cannot be placed forward of the main house: I.e in your front garden.

You will need planning permission….

  • If your main house is a listed building, you will need planning permission as listed buildings do not have permitted development rights.
  • If you wish to place your build in your front garden.
  • There are also some other restrictions such as if you live in a conservation area, or designated land.

In which case…

  • A new studio cannot be placed next to the main house in a conservation area.
  • If it is situated more than 20m away from the main house the size is limited to 10 sqm On designated land.

You will need planning permission and building regulations if you would like to use the garden room as an annex.

We recommend our customers to check with their local planning officers to double check as there are different rules on permitted development in different areas. The responsibility for making sure the building complies to planning and building regulations falls solely on the homeowner themselves, but we will advise you every step of the way.

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