Our garden buildings are anchored with a robust foundation system, featuring a concrete subframe atop concrete pad or pile foundations. In line with our commitment to bespoke garden rooms, the foundation type may vary depending on site conditions, occasionally employing a dry system to replace concrete pads with large, deep plastic crates filled with stone. This innovative approach not only provides exceptional strength but also aligns with our sustainable ethos, reducing our carbon footprint.

We consider the foundations a critical aspect of our buildings’ structural integrity and longevity. These systems prevent rising dampness, ensure incredible strength and durability, and effectively distribute the building’s weight to the ground. They also enable natural surface water drainage and minimise disturbance to surrounding tree roots, utilising significantly less concrete than traditional slabs. Should you decide to relocate or remove your garden room, the foundations can be conveniently covered.

The flooring includes a 6-layer build-up, consisting of:

  • Laminate flooring
  • Flooring underlay
  • 22mm industrial-grade moisture-resistant tongue and groove floorboard
  • C16-C24 graded treated timber 150mm
  • 90mm Celotex or similar insulation
  • Breathable damp-proof layer

The Structure

Our bespoke garden rooms employ timber frame methods with varying timber sizes based on model dimensions. Each of our garden rooms is fully wrapped in an OSB board, enhancing the structure’s strength and air tightness—a testament to the exceptional quality our clients have come to expect.

Wall thicknesses range from a minimum of 160mm to a maximum of 220mm, featuring a 9-layer wall build-up that includes:

  • Cladding material
  • Treated batten for ventilation
  • Breather membrane
  • Moisture-resistant OSB sheathing
  • Graded treated timber
  • Insulation
  • Vapour barrier
  • Plasterboard
  • Plastered finish

For those opting for the platinum package, an additional layer of insulation is included, resulting in an impressive 10-layer system.



We try to use a stable cladding material that not only looks stunning but doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Options include thermowood, composite cladding in a range of colours or the very beautiful and very popular western red cedar.

We like to use vertical cladding for a seamless modern but natural look. The cladding materials we use do not require treatment to prevent decay as they already have natural defences against rot, or have already been through a treatment process. However like any natural timbers, they will grey in colour over time, so If you would like it to stay looking new, an annual or biannual treatment of UV protection is required.

Thermowood is our lowest-cost bronze package standard cladding material which is very stable and pleasing to the eye but does require some maintenance to keep it looking fresh. We use a channel groove profile with a hidden fixing system to give a flawless and modern look.

Cedar is our highest-range platinum package standard of cladding material that gives the most beautiful appearance with stunning natural pinks and browns. It is an extremely stable material but it requires a little maintenance just to keep it from turning grey over time if this is not your desired look. We use the very best cedar you can buy, rated at no2 clear and better with 15% no4 grade, using a profile with a channel groove and hidden fixing system to give a flawless and modern look.

The Roof

The roofing structure of our garden studios boasts formidable timber construction, proper ventilation, and a 50-year life expectancy of EPDM rubber roof material.

Our roofing system features a 9-layer build-up, including:

  • EPDM rubber with a manufacturer guarantee
  • Moisture-resistant OSB board
  • Timbers to create rainwater fall
  • Ventilation void
  • Insulated plasterboard finish


The internal finish of our builds mirrors that of a brand-new house, with plasterboard walls ready for decoration and options for internal walls for added versatility. Flooring options include high-quality laminate in various styles and colours, complete with skirting boards and architraves.


Our bespoke garden rooms are fitted with high-quality PVC or aluminium windows and doors, featuring Planitherm argon gas-filled double-glazing units and insurance-approved security locks. We offer a range of colours, including the sleek modern look of anthracite grey.


All of our buildings are fully insulated using the latest technologies to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.