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What are the Differences Between a Garden Room and a Conservatory?


Garden rooms differ considerably from conservatories in an expansive list of ways. For starters, a conservatory is attached to your home, whereas a garden room is built separately in your garden as a standalone structure. In contrast to a conservatory, a garden room is typically built with the finest woods and most durable materials available, while a conservatory is typically built with uPVC and glass. A garden room can truly be considered an extension of your living space within your garden’s space, as it’s a premium quality wooden structure that is built in your garden, can be used for an enormous list of purposes, and is built to last perpetually, year upon year. 

Here at Essex Garden Studios, we are amongst the premier experts in our field and our team is comprised of top-tier designers and builders. This means that we’re tremendously well placed to offer you a detailed breakdown of the differences between garden rooms, and conservatories. 


The Benefits of Opting for a Garden Room Rather Than a Conservatory 


There are many different benefits of having a garden room built in your garden and they’re vastly superior to conservatories in a wide variety of ways, as you’ll see in this list below. No matter whether you’re looking to add a top-of-the-range garden office to your house, or just want to add an additional section of living space to your home, you’ll find that garden rooms and studios are far superior. 


If you’re an individual who leans towards conservatories in the garden room vs conservatory debate, then learning about the facts contained within this article is sure to make you aware of the many benefits of having a garden room built to extend your living space, and perhaps even change your mind. 




Despite their bright nature, conservatories can come with their fair share of disadvantages. If you wish to use your conservatory as a TV room or study, then screen glare will undoubtedly become an issue that you’ll encounter. Unfortunately, the only manner in which you can combat screen glare is by installing ultra-expensive window films or hugely impractical blinds. 

When you choose to build a garden room, you can benefit from a light and airy garden living space without the inconvenience of harsh sunlight seeping through a conservatory roof. 

At Essex Garden Studios, we offer a beautiful selection of windows and doors to let natural light flow through your garden room in the manner that you want it to and the choice of either a perfectly tiled roof or pent rubber roof to limit sun exposure, meaning that you can watch TV, use your computer or carry out all manner of activities that you like, without it becoming too bright or too hot. As previously mentioned, this is impossible to do when you opt for a conservatory as your additional garden building.


Why Garden Rooms are Vastly Superior at Soundproofing Compared to Conservatories


One of the best things about owning a garden room is you can create a peaceful and serene space away from the distractions of typical home life. When working in your home office in your garden room or studio, you are free to blare out your music, find an escape from those perpetually noisy neighbours or family members, or work in the caliginosity of the night when everyone else is asleep. 

Some homeowners prefer the convenience of having their home office close to the kitchen, but this means the room can be noisy, especially if it’s next to a family room or laundry. A garden room offers optimum privacy, seclusion, and also peace and quiet away from your nosey neighbours or family members, making it perfect for a home office, music studio or simply a space where you watch television. 


Cleaning your Garden Room vs Cleaning a Conservatory 


Unlike a garden room, cleaning your conservatory is an almost impossible task. A conservatory must be perpetually well-maintained to ensure that it remains less prone to breakage and mould growth, which can seriously harm your health. Over the long term, conservatory owners may indeed be forced to buy expensive roof repairs or pay for professional cleaning services. 


Another huge bonus that our garden rooms have over conservatories is the fact that you can clean your garden room the same way you clean your home, and there is no need to worry about special products or services to keep your garden room in perfect condition.


Regulation of Temperature 


It is immensely difficult to regulate the temperature inside of a conservatory. As sunlight seeps through the glass and heats the conservatory in the summer, it can quickly become uncomfortably hot. In addition, it can produce a cold environment in the winter months and as well being uncomfortable, this can often lead to some massively increased heating bills!

On the other end of the spectrum, the vast majority of garden rooms are built with high-end wall insulation, which is far denser than a glass-based conservatory, this hugely helps to ensure efficient regulation of temperature and allows you to use your new garden space in any way that you wish, all year round, no matter the weather. 




Now that you have learned about all of the differences between garden rooms and conservatories, you probably fully realise why garden rooms are superior for most uses. 


After learning about all of the pros there are for choosing to opt for a garden room over a conservatory, you may be interested in building your perfect garden office, studio or living space. If this is the case, then you’re definitely in the right place. 


Building a Garden Living Space with Essex Garden Studios


Here at Essex Garden studios, we can take care of the entire project from conception to completion. Depending on the location and size of the project, you won’t usually require planning permission for your garden room build, but we’re always here to advise on anything from the building regulations to the selection of a roof system. At Essex Garden Studios, we are the premier experts in our field, and our team is comprised of top-tier designers and builders. This means that all of our buildings stand the test of time and you can rest assured that you’re purchasing a long-lasting, premier quality garden room when you buy from us! 


Please feel free to peruse our website at your leisure and when you’re ready, put in an order or get in touch with us to receive a custom quote:


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