Garden Offices and Studios in Chelmsford


Essex Garden Studios specialise in the design and construction of garden offices and studios in Chelmsford. If you’re seeking additional room in the home to work or relax in all-year round, you have certainly come to the right place!

Bespoke Garden Rooms Chelmsford

We design and build garden studios and offices in Chelmsford for a range of different clients and requirements, and our team of expert fitters make sure your building is professionally installed to the highest of standards.

Not only do we use the very best materials to build bespoke garden offices and rooms, but we also ensure that they are fully insulated so that you can enjoy the extra space that you need all year round – no matter the season. So whether you’re looking for a purpose built space for an office, playroom, arts and crafts room or treatment room, Essex Garden Studios are here to bring you the gift of space!

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    Our Garden Studios Have Many Uses

    Essex Garden Studios are here to provide you with a gorgeous new space that can be used as a gym, office, playroom, crafting room or even a treatment space. With our help, you could soon be enjoying a stunning new room in your home – one that has been built with your unique needs, tastes and requirements in mind. It doesn’t matter if you are planning to use your new studio for business or pleasure – it’s the ideal space to work, play or unwind. Our garden studios are designed and built to last for 30+ years – although with proper care you can far exceed this. Whether you’re self-employed or based at home, our garden studios are the ideal workspaces. They’re also perfect places for families to have fun and relax together. The only limit is your own imagination, as our bespoke garden rooms are multipurpose and can be adapted to meet a variety of needs. You can use yours for many things, including:


    Never Beaten On Structural Integrity And Substance

    If you think that a garden office room could be the perfect addition to your property in Essex, then please do give us a call on 01206 645029 without delay. A member of our friendly team will answer all of your questions and arrange a visit to your home when it’s most convenient for you.

    What Can I Use My Garden Studio For?

    With the help of Essex Garden Studios, you could soon be enjoying a bespoke build in the comfort of your own home for you to use as you please. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, our garden studios in Chelmsford provide the best additional living space. Our bespoke garden studios are built to last for 30+ years – but there’s no time restraint on this if you look after the building! Whether you’re looking to work from home or want more space for the family to enjoy, our bespoke garden studios in Chelmsford provide a wealth of opportunity for adding useable and flexible space for your home. Garden studios can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

    Home office

    Save valuable time and money on commuting everyday and instead work from home in a secure and well-insulated garden office. Providing a space just adjacent from where you live will allow you to separate work and home life easily, and in turn help you to reduce your stress levels and boost productivity.

    Home gym

    If you enjoy working out but find it hard to fit the time in around your busy schedule, a purpose built home-gym could be just what you need. With a home-gym, you can choose the fitness equipment you’d like to use, and make use of the space as and when you please.


    Providing a separate space for your children to play can really help to free-up a lot of space in the family home. The bespoke garden studio will provide you with a safe and secure place for your children to play, and also give you ample space to store a multitude of games and things to do!

    Relaxation area

    If you’re looking for a relaxation area you can just slip away to, a purpose built garden studio could be the solution for you. You will have ample space to relax or entertain friends in, and you can decorate the interior to compliment your existing home décor or create a completely different theme.

    Looking for something more bespoke?

    Take a look at what our team can design to suit your requirements.