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Thought your small garden didn’t have enough space for a room addition? These top tips on garden room ideas for small spaces will have you desperate to get building.

There is hope for small garden spaces, we promise. Here at Essex Garden Studios, we create high quality garden rooms to cater for every occasion – and that includes your small garden space. We thought we would help our customers living with small gardens to create idyllic, picturesque solutions for their spaces. Here is what our award-winning design team came up with.

Design Solutions for Garden Room Additions in Small Spaces

We offer fully bespoke solutions to completely design something new for your small garden, from scratch. Each of our exquisite designs come with a quality of artistry that is beyond compare in Essex. We offer a complete, end to end service. We can design the building for you, install it, and leave you with a new room in your home within the space of a week.

When designing a room addition in a small garden, the first thing we do is measure the space. When we have exact measurements, we can make suggestions on what to put in it. Here are some of our favourite design ideas for a small garden that should give you an idea of the possibilities before you.

Insert a Garden Bar

Ever dreamed of having a bar at home? Installing a high bar, a few stools, and a space to make drinks, takes hardly any room at all. Attach your bar to an existing building to save even more space.

A Small Office

Offices don’t need to be huge, either. All you need is a room big enough for your desk and chair. Garden offices offer you the feeling of the commute but without the hassle of one.

A Storage Space

We are all used to garden sheds, but what if you chose a garden storage space that was part room? You always have the option of turning it into a larger shed, later.

Types of Garden Room for Small Spaces

There are lots of several types of garden room that you can place in your small space. Just because it is a small garden, doesn’t mean you have limits in choice. You might decide that you want to add a man cave. This could be a small shed where you keep a chair, a TV, and a mini fridge. You might alternatively look at storage spaces for your garden. A small shed will do just the trick. Other types of garden room idea for small spaces include studios for artists and even golf studios where you can perfect your putt. When you choose Essex Garden Studios, no space is too big or too small to create your dream home with.

Try Before You Buy with Garden Rooms

If you are still unsure whether your garden can fit a room addition or not, you can use our exemplary garden room service to help you decide. We can offer you access to our basic but effective 3D CAD Design program. This can show you what your garden would look like with its new addition. It could also show you how much space you would have left, should you choose to go ahead with the build. You can even browse our design pages to get the inspiration you need. This cedar outhouse in a tiny garden we erected in august 2022 could be exactly what you need to up the square yardage of your property with an additional room.